Reasons to choose us

Here are 11 reasons why you should choose us

  • Most Trusted Highest Client Satisfaction & Retention (ARCSI Data); BBB Trust Award
  • Superior Quality One Cleaner per Home; Thorough, Hygienic Cleaning by Well Trained Skilled Employees
  • Reliable Same Cleaner; Same Day; Same Time. We Will Always Get You Cleaned.
  • High Security Your Home & Possessions are in Safe, Confidential Hands
  • Accountable You Get a Written Record of Every Cleaning – to the Minute. Fully Staffed Office
  • Flexible You Control the Priorities, Routines Equipment & Supplies Used in Your Home
  • Experienced Our Cleaners are mature, trained tradespeople, averaging over 14 years of experience
  • Full Liability Protection Very Important! Click here for more details
  • One Time Service Just need a one time job? Big or Small, We Do Them All!
  • Handy Man Service Skilled Trades People for all those repair jobs that need doing around the home
  • Best Value Giving You the Best Value in Home Cleaning Ensures our Position as the Leading Service

Let us tackle your cleaning tasks!

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TRUSTED CLEANING SERVICES Best Ottawa Cleaning Services Value

How long has your home cleaning company been in business?

  • Over 35 years. Windsor Home Services, an Ottawa-based cleaning service, has been locally owned and family operated since 1978.
  • We hold an A+ rating with BBB
    • Click for the BBB Business Review of this House Cleaning in Ottawa ONTorch Award Home Cleaning Ottawa
  • We have been honoured with:
    • The 2011 Torch Award for Trust in the Market Place from the Ottawa BBBSeal of House Cleaning Ottawa Excellence
    • The Seal of Excellence from the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI)

What is your rate of Client Satisfaction like?

  • Our average client retention rate is one of the highest in our industry across North America. The simple fact that we have been the First Choice among local homes for cleaning services, every single year since 1978, speaks for itself.

What is the depth of your Cleaners’ experience?

  • Again, top of our industry standard. At Windsor, our cleaning service technicians have over 14 years of cleaning experience, on average.

Do you put your promises in writing?

  • Absolutely! We give you a full written open agreement with costs guaranteed against sudden increases; quality satisfaction guaranteed; protection against damage, on-the-job injury, and other important householder liability issues.


How many people do you send to my home?

  • Just one cleaner, if you are subscribing to Regular Cleaning Services. This way the cleaner gets to know the particulars and priorities of your home and your family, giving you a very customized service, tailored to your unique requirements.

How thorough is your cleaning?

  • Very! Our staff are trained to ensure that bacteria, viruses and allergens are reduced or eliminated by following a strict formula based on technique and thoroughness.

What if I’m not happy? Do you offer any assurance of thoroughness?

  • Yes. Since our Thoroughness is the hallmark of Windsor Home Services, we fully guarantee your satisfaction with our cleaning services for your home in Ottawa in this regard, in writing. Many cleaning companies in Ottawa do not provide such a guarantee.

RELIABILITY Greatest Value Image

Do I get the same cleaner coming back each time?

  • Yes. Our successful Ottawa cleaning services formula is based on building a solid relationship between our cleaner and your household. Other cleaning companies in Ottawa don’t attempt to build these relationships.

Will my cleaner come at a set time and day?

  • Yes. We allow a window of 60 minutes, for traffic and weather considerations.

If my cleaner is unavailable due to illness or vacation, can you get me cleaned?

  • Yes, if illness, vacation time off or logistics such as weather or transportation intervene, we will provide a substitute cleaner in the interim. We always let you know if a substitute cleaner is coming in place of your regular cleaner.

HIGH SECURITY HOME CLEANING House Cleaning Ottawa Best Value

Are your cleaners bonded? Are their backgrounds screened?

Yes all of our technicians are bonded. We also carry detailed liability insurance to protect your homes and contents. In addition, each and every one of our home cleaning technicians is covered by WSIB, in the event of one of our employees suffering an injury while in your home.

Extensive background checks and a police report are done as well as a comprehensive “Values” profile on each new potential employee.

We only hire full time individuals who are looking for a long-term, well-paid career as a Windsor trained, skilled and trustworthy Home Cleaning Technician in Ottawa.

Each new employee must go through a very extensive “apprenticeship”, under the supervision of our 2 full time Training Officers. Not only must their cleaning be thorough and efficient – they are carefully monitored to ensure they embrace the values of our company as outlined below:

At Windsor, we have worked hard to follow these principles, each and every day, since I founded the company in 1978:

  • Honesty: We must always speak the truth
  • Responsibility: We must accept responsibility for our own actions
  • Commitment: We must always try everything possible to follow through on promises made
  • Respect: We must always show respect for others and their possessions
  • The Golden Rule: We must always try to be fair to ALL concerned

Our strength is in the character & skills of our cleaning staff. Most have been loyal employees for several years.

We lead our industry, worldwide, in our retention rate of our home cleaning staff. All are skilled, hard-working and honest. Above all, they really do care about our clients.

At Windsor Home Services, we will make every effort to earn and keep your trust and respect.

ACCOUNTABILITY Cleaning Companies Ottawa Best Value

Do you leave any written record of the times that home cleaning work is performed?

  • Yes. Every time your Windsor cleaner comes, she / he leaves a copy of your WORK ORDER with:
    • the scheduled start time;
    • actual start time; finish time;
    • total hours;
    • comments re: supplies / equipment needed.
    • In short, we always account for every minute billed.

If I call you during the day, is there anyone to assist me?

  • Yes. Our office is always staffed from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays. All of our cleaning services supervisors and drivers are in constant communication with our office dispatch through cell phones. You can always call after hours and leave a message or you can e-mail at any time. All communications are promptly returned.
  • Please Contact Our Cleaning Service Professionals in Ottawa for further details.

FLEXIBILITY Best Cleaning Value in Ottawa

Do I control the routine that you follow in my home?

  • Yes. Since it is your home, we believe that the routine and your priorities should be exclusively under your control.
  • Many clients have jobs that they want rotated every 2nd, 3rd, or 4th visit. Many clients also have tasks that are tackled as projects on occasion. Windsor’s approach gives you complete control over how your time is used, unlike other cleaning companies in Ottawa.

Who provides the cleaning supplies, cleaning cloths and vacuum?

  • Over 95% of our customers choose to supply everything themselves. The reasons they give for doing it this way are:
    • Lower cost
    • Concerns of cross contamination between homes
    • Preference for specific products
    • Allergies to specific products
    • Selecting “Environmentally Friendly” products
    • We can advise you on choosing products & equipment, if you wish. Your cleaner will watch the inventory and leave you a note when items need replacing.

Can I be cleaned just on a one-time or occasional basis?

  • Yes, our quality cleaning services are available on a one-time or occasional basis.

Will you help me with organizing my home prior to a blitz clean?

  • Yes. We have developed a strategy for getting all your “stuff” organized prior to a major or initial clean. We have also pioneered our industry with our proven “DECLUTTERING” techniques.

Are your cleaners “pet friendly”?

  • Yes! Pets are a major factor taken into consideration when selecting the right home cleaning professional for your Ottawa home.

Will your staff do extras such as ovens, fridges, laundry and changing bed linens?

  • Yes! We can tailor your cleaning needs to your budget and preferences from basics, where you still do some of the work – to a full service.

How “Environmentally Friendly” are your cleaning services?

  • Green houseYou control the cleaning products. This ensures that only products you approve of are used in your home. The founder, Patrick Irwin, taught Environmental Sciences for several years. He has extensive experience regarding products and their relationship to human health, microbes and environmental impact. . We can advise you on environmental issues, as well as how to maintain a healthy home for your family.

EXPERIENCE Best Value Logo Again

How do you actually find your cleaning services staff?

  • The short answer is: “with great difficulty”. Over the years, (and with over 2,000,000 hours of cleaning Ottawa households) we have established demanding standards with regard to character, job performance, attendance and attitude that may even appear to some as old fashioned. Once we find the right person, they tend to stay with us for a long time. However, most who come into apply, do not meet our requirements. As a result, our company grows at a slow but steady pace. Very few cleaning companies in Ottawa take the steps that we do in ensuring you get the best home cleaning in Ottawa!

What is the average age of your cleaning staff?

  • At present, the average age of our cleaning technicians is 39 years.

What type of training do your cleaners receive?

  • We never thought you’d ask! Our training is what really sets us apart. Windsor dedicates more of its resources to recruiting and training staff than it does to sales and administration. We believe that residential cleaning is a SKILLED TRADE. We believe that by choosing the right people and training them well, our customers will be well served.
  • Each of our cleaners, regardless of age or past experience, goes through our multi-step training program. The training is done by experienced supervisors in a one-on-one setting, in a select group of real homes that clients have kindly made available to us for training purposes. In addition, we have a “State of the Art” Learning Centre in our offices, dedicated to training and re-training our Residential Cleaning Technicians and our Handyman Technicians.
  • In order gain Windsor Certification, a cleaning apprentice must achieve a high level of cleaning services proficiency in the following:
    • Knowledge of cleaning products & of various types of equipment
    • Effective cleaning techniques emphasizing Thoroughness & Efficiency
    • Time management skills; Organizational skills
    • Relating to household occupants (including pets)
    • Knowledge of company policy
    • Map reading skills; Use of alarm systems
    • Workplace safety
    • Our cleaning services training is tailored to each employee in Ottawa. Ongoing site checks by supervisors ensure that standards are maintained and improved, as well as new approaches introduced.

LIABILITY One of the region's Best Value

Are your home cleaning staff actual employees, as required by law?

  • At Windsor, all of our cleaners are employees, as required by law.
  • To the Government of Canada, we remit Canada Pension funds, Employment Insurance, and Harmonized Service Tax, and Income Tax.
  • To the government of Ontario, we remit Workers Compensation Insurance, Ontario Health Insurance Premiums and other licensing fees. We pay all municipal and regional taxes.
  • We operate our Ottawa cleaning services business from a commercially-zoned office.
  • Our employees receive paid statutory holidays, annual vacation pay, industry leading Travel Allowances, and a unique monthly Performance Bonus.

Do you carry liability insurance to protect your clients?

  • Yes. As the oldest residential cleaning service in Canada, we pioneered the format of liability insurance for our industry. Most companies will say they are insured. While this may be true, the real question is: “How am I, as the client, protected?”
  • This is very important for potential clients to take note! For example, all of our cleaning services clients in Ottawa are protected in the event of a serious on-the-job injury at your residence. WSIB insurance will assume responsibility for the employee’s lost income, even if it involves a long term disability. This way, the risk of a claim against you is virtually eliminated.
  • Windsor clients also enjoy the benefits of a full third party contingent liability policy underwritten by Co-operators Insurance. This means that the insurance protects not only Windsor Home Services and its employees, but also each of its customers as third parties for such possibilities as:
    • breakage
    • damage
    • flood / fire
    • loss of income due to personal injury
  • Keep one other thing in mind – if any particular cleaning company in Ottawa is non-complying (not paying its workers as employees and remitting required amounts), then it is in contravention of the law and may not qualify for insurance from any reputable insurer. Even more risks are possible if you hire an independent worker (private cleaner).

If you go this route, at the very least, ensure that the individual is enrolled with the Workplace Safety &Insurance Board (WSIB) and that your insurance company addresses the issue that you employ a worker in your home on a regular basis.

Failure to do this could put you on the losing end of a large lawsuit. For example: The worker you have employed suffers a serious on-the-job injury at your home. You could be at risk for a large lawsuit that may very well not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

Are your cleaners bonded? Are their backgrounds screened?

  • Yes all of our home cleaning Ottawa technicians are bonded. Extensive background checks and a police report are done as well as a comprehensive “Values” profile on each new potential employee.

COST OF CLEANING SERVICES House Cleaning Ottawa Best Value

How does your cost per person / per hour compare with other cleaning companies in Ottawa?

  • Our rates are very competitive,compared with other legally complying Ottawa cleaning services!
    • A quick example (based on many comments from new Windsor clients coming from some of the other services):

You call us and we quote you, based on your requirements, that you need 1 cleaner for 4 hours (approximately $160.00 per session). You call a competitor, and they tell you that they can do your home for $120.00. They will send a team of 2 people. They don’t tell you how much time it will take, nor do they leave a record of time behind. You go with them and eventually discover 2 things:

1. The cleaning ‘looks okay’ from a distance, but does not meet your standards for thoroughness and hygiene when examined closely.

2. You find out, often from your home security records, that the team was actually only in your home for 1 hour. That means you are actually paying $60.00 per hour!

Do I have to leave cash or a cheque out each time the cleaner comes?

  • No. We set up an account with you, giving some simple payment options.

What is my actual cost per person / per hour?