Useful Home Cleaning Supplies & Tools

Your home is somewhere you should be comfortable, that’s why it is important to keep it clean to avoid germs and dirt to ensure a healthy and happy lifestyle. Having a clean home can reduce and possibly eliminate the spread of illness throughout.

For any cleaning job, having the right tools can make all the difference. Having the right tools and supplies are crucial to getting the job done efficiently and for everything to go smoothly. Each room in your home requires a different set of cleaning supplies and tools as each room is cleaned a certain way. We put together a list of supplies and tools we think may come in handy when cleaning your home.


The kitchen can be a favourite place in the house as it is a place for entertaining, cooking and baking. However, it can be loved even more so if it’s clean.

Some important items to have on hand to keep your kitchen looking clean and tidied are a dust pan and brush for the floors, sponge and cleaner to clean the exterior of appliances, granite or countertop cleaner, a vacuum to clean out kitchen drawers and cupboards, and cloths to clean under the sink and inside the fridge.

It is also important to have cleaning supplies on hand to clean out your oven from time to time. This might require some more heavy duty cleaners where it is best to wear a mask when using to keep you from inhaling the chemicals.


A clean bathroom is a sign of a clean and tidy family. No guest likes using a messy bathroom, and since most guests will probably have to use your bathroom, it is best to keep it looking spotless as much as possible.

A few necessary cleaning items to keep your bathroom looking good are a mop to clean the floors, cleaner and scum remover for your shower and bathtub, a toilet brush and cleaner to clean the inside of your toilet and cleaning wipes to wipe down countertops and sinks.

Living Room

Your living room is where your family and guests spend most of their time. That being said, making sure it is tidy and not cluttered is important for people not to feel overwhelmed.

There are a few cleaning supplies that are great to keep on hand for your living room, some of these are a vacuum for the floors and carpets, dampened cloths to wipe down furniture and window cleaner for windows and mirrors.


Very similarly to your living room, it is best to keep bedrooms tidy and decluttered so you can feel less stressed and at ease when spending time in there.

In order to keep bedrooms clean and tidy it is best to have a few key supplies and tools on hand, these are a vacuum for carpets and floors, cloths or dusting wand for furniture and artwork on the walls, window cleaner for mirrors and windows and laundry detergent for bedding.

If you don’t have time to clean these rooms regularly and are looking for cleaning services in the Ottawa and surrounding area, Windsor Home Cleaning can help you! We provide one time cleaning or regular cleaning services and can help you clean all of the rooms listed above. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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