Ottawa Regular Cleaning Services

Ottawa Regular Cleaning Services

Simple, Precise, Transparent Pricing Guaranteed for at Least One Year


Regular Cleaning Services That Meet Your Needs

Our Regular Cleaning Services occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and are custom tailored to your specific requirements. Over the years, Windsor has assembled a hard working, efficient, thorough, & dedicated group of career cleaners that is second to none.

You are carefully matched with one of our residential technicians as your permanent, regular service provider. Your cleaner is scheduled to your home for the same time on the same day for each visit. Our reliability rate for getting the right cleaner to the right home at the right time is an industry leading 99.7%

You control the priorities. We will assess your time requirements with a complimentary home visit prior to your first clean to ensure your expectations are met.

Thoroughness is Guaranteed. Exact start & finish times for your cleaning services are written in by your home cleaner on a copy of the Work Order, and left for you each session.

Windsor’s rates are considered Cleaning Services Ottawa Best Value on today’s market.


Cleaning Hours per Visit:

Hourly Rate* (+HST)

2 Hours

$ 45.20

3 Hours

$ 44.40

4 Hours

$ 43.90

5 Hours

$ 43.40

6 Hours

$ 42.90

7 Hours

$ 42.40

* Weekly or Bi-Weekly Services

(See Cleaning Services in Ottawa | Frequently Asked Questions)

As a result – More Ottawans have chosen Windsor over any other Cleaning Service . . . Every Single Year, since 1978.

A SHOPPING TIP, ENDORSED BY MANY OF OUR CLIENTS: “When choosing a cleaning service in Ottawa, it is very important to know your true cost, which is the actual amount of cleaning time you are getting in your home, each visit. Always know your cost per person / per hour, for each and every visit!”

Setting Up Cleaning Services in Ottawa:

Our office staff will then contact you to discuss your requirements, and will be pleased to arrange an In-Home Visit to assist you in assessing your needs.

Do you live in an area that we service?

Windsor Home Services has covered all urban areas and most suburban areas of the City of Ottawa for over 3 decades. If you are in doubt, please click on the map to view our service boundaries:
Map of Ottawa

Live outside our service area? Call us! We may be able to accommodate you!

Let us tackle your home cleaning tasks!

Call us TODAY at 613-238-7761 or ‘Request a Quote for Cleaning Services in Ottawa‘.

Client Testimonial

I was going to leave S a note today, but then I forgot. Today was my second home cleaning on regular services, and I wanted to let you both know how extremely happy I am. It is wonderful to come home to a clean house. S has done a great job and today even managed a few extras. Thanks so much. I cant believe I waited so long to get some help!

Best wishes,
T. O’G.

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