Part of my Christmas gift to myself this year was a deep clean. I booked 5 hours with Windsor Home Cleaning, since I had lots to do, and I am so impressed with my level of service. Thank you, sweet Elva, for working your tail off for me! She never even took a break!

My floors, doors, living room wall, kitchen, window sills, ceiling fan, heat grates and baseboards look amazing! The fridge and microwave are like new and she even took care to do little extras I hadn’t thought of but made all the difference.

I hadn’t decided to go with a monthly clean, but now that I’ve seen how hard-working your employees are and the level of service they render, I will definitely sign up for monthly cleans and semi-annual deep cleans!

— Mrs. J.A.

Lisa is a master at her craft. She does great work. Our son frequently comes to Ottawa on business and he camps in the basement. He remarked that the basement was exceptionally clean (even hard to get spots). Lisa, like Jerry, is a 'keeper.'

— Mr. F.P.

I just wanted to thank you for the very personal, professional cleaning service your company has provided to our family over the past four years. We've had several different cleaners over the years, all of whom have been well trained, courteous and hard-workers. H. has been coming for the past year and we are very satisfied with her work. I would certainly recommend Windsor Home Cleaning to my friends and family, or anyone looking for a professional, well-organized company.

— Mrs. K.M.

Just a short note to let you know what a great job Alex is doing! We appreciate her reliability, diligence and her attention to detail. I was so touched that she contacted us when my mother required some extra assistance on a day when Alex was at the house. Kudos to Alex, and many thanks for providing such a wonderful service.

— D.D.

Elva, Stephanie, and Debbie just finished a post-reno deep clean of our century-old home. As always, they took the greatest of care and showed the finest attention to detail. We are very pleased with their work and would never consider another cleaning company.

Pleased make sure they see this and send those ladies back next year!

— R.F.

I want to say what a good job Shannon did yesterday—professional, efficient and thorough, a really hard worker. She is very impressive.

— Mrs. M.

Just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with Ashley’s cleaning the other day, but also….
….she made me realize that I have had the hair catcher in the drain UPSIDE DOWN FOR EVER!!! Thank you!!!

— S.B.

I am very pleased with Andrew's work.

— Mr. C.

Please let Gerry, Elva, and Andrew know that I am very pleased with their cleaning job.

— Ms. F.

We have a lot of stuff and clutter sitting around our home and Brittany does an excellent job in working around all this. We are super happy with Brittany, who is always cheerful and friendly. I work from home and Brittany just gets "on with it". She always cleans extra stuff when time permits which I love!

— Ms. T.O.

I wanted to express my appreciation for the two cleaners you set to my home today. Elva and Shannon were lovely - thoughtful, diligent, and a pleasure to have. They did a lovely job and I am more than satisfied with the work. I very much appreciate your efforts in scheduling and estimating the clean and I do hope that you will pass along my compliments to your colleagues.

— A.W.

Today I spoke with client Mr. H. He is very happy with Christy, says she is very professional, always on time and completes all the required jobs, etc. He has no complaints whatsoever!

— Mr R.H.

Pls pass on our thanks to G for his “restoration” of our now adult children’s’ tree-house. The only option at one point was to consider tearing it down. He did a great job yesterday and it can once again be considered an asset to our property should we decide to sell and a young family wants to buy. Brings back fond memories of my then 4 year old son for whom the house was built as a b’day present.

This is great service for anyone of a certain age or has no talent in fixing things (in my case, it is mostly the latter). I can only see this part of your business growing as the demographics change and if you continue to employ people like G and B who have both the ability and personality. They are truly service oriented.

— Mr. G.H.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the services provided by E. The apartment was sparkling when I returned and I was delighted by what she had done. She provides excellent services and in addition has a wonderful personality.

— Mrs. R. A.

J is wonderful at her job and I am incredibly impressed by her! She is thorough and a great fit for our home.

— Mrs. S. L.

I am so happy with D. in his home. After 1 hour of her being there, the house already looks so much better! She is such a nice person and I am happy that she is in my home.

— Mr. D

My wife and I cannot begin to thank you for the courteous and professional manner in which your firm handled the damage to the turntable cartridge. It is my opinion that most firms would not have provided any form of compensation for this unfortunate accident. Your firm is to be commended for its assessment of the cause of damage and the expeditious processing of the compensation. I was extremely impressed by Mr. Irwin’s insistence in coming to the house to observe the damage firsthand and discuss a mutually acceptable form of compensation. Most firms would not take this “customer oriented” approach.

Both my wife and I feel your offer of compensation was extremely fair and balanced.

We continue to be happy with the cleaning services your company provides and we would most certainly highly recommend your company to other people in need of cleaning services.

We look forward to a long working relationship with Windsor Home Cleaning.

— Mr. D. D.

I also wanted to let you know he (M) is exceptional. Everything is always done extremely well. He is also very respectful of the home. You have a valuable employee and company representative in M.

— Mrs. J.M.

Hi. I just wanted to say how much I like having N at our house at __. She is great. She works very hard and does a great job plus she is very personable and easy to work with. Thanks for sending her to work at my place.

— Mrs. R.T.

I want you to know how impressed I have been with P‘s service. Everything looks great when she is finished, she is always on time, cheerful and she is very pleasant to talk to (I am home when P does the cleaning).

Thank you so much!

— V.B.

I am very impressed with the young lady S who cleaned our home.
She is a friendly professional person. The end result of what I wanted cleaned was above my expectations. She worked a miracle in my kitchen!

— S. S.

I have no words to express the BEAUTIFUL house we came home to.

All G kept saying was oh my! What a wonderful job.

You have very awesome employees, polite and friendly.

We are so impressed I can’t tell you.

Thank you.

— G & L

It’s been a few months since we started with Windsor.

We have been extremely pleased with A’s work. We sure appreciate coming home to a clean house.! The quality of her work is consistently excellent and we really appreciate her taking the initiative to clean other areas of the house if she has time.

We love the report/notes and the payment method.

— The “L” family

Thank you for making “M” Days the best ones! We truly appreciate your hard work, attention that rounds up every last dust bunny, and positive attitude. Never leave us!!

— P & S

Good Morning Sarah,

My husband and I would like to convey our appreciation for the very professional work performed by G at our home last month.

Working with our basic job description, G proceeded methodically to sanitize our tool shed which had been contaminated by rodents; inspect possible points of entry and, as a result, caulk a window; re-arrange in a preventive fashion the several pieces of equipment and furniture that we had salvaged; and provide us with some practical advice.

In conclusion, G approached the tasks involved with creativity, initiative, and efficiency. These qualities, in combination with his pleasant character, resulted in an excellent customer experience for my husband and me.

— K. P.

C is fabulous, a very lovely lady! She does great work!

The house is always nice and clean after C‘s cleaning.

Thank you for sending C to my home!

— C.E.

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated the work that S and G did for my brother C. I was fortunate to have S organize the big clean so quickly, as I was visiting in Ottawa for only a week and needed to jump start a big project at my brother’s home. C is disabled by Parkinson’s disease and left his full time employment in May, and the house needed (and needs- the subject of a subsequent e-mail) a lot of work.
I was very impressed with both S and G and wanted to let you know that not only were they efficient, but also understanding and supportive.
Thank you very much and I will be in touch with you about the further (Handy Man) work we would like to have a quote on.

— Mrs. B. K.

An excellent job by E & P. It was a truly dedicated performance in which they both exceeded what I would have expected. They are both really decent and pleasant people to have in my home. A great credit to your company.

— Mr. K.P

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how happy I am that you sent Stephanie to clean my home. She is polite, very conscientious in her work and a lovely lady to talk to and I couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend her. I sure hope she stays with your company for a long while as people like her are hard to come by.

— Mrs. B

We recently had the 3 hour cleaning service we won a few months ago done on our townhouse and WOW! Thank you so much E on behalf of Windsor for working so hard for the 3 hours! E went above and beyond what we expected to be cleaned. She gave me a cleaner house for my birthday and it was a great gift. Thanks again for this opportunity!

— Ms. A.M.

E and G have just left my condo and I couldn’t not be happier! They were fast and so thorough, I’m just blown away. I’ve used other cleaners, but I never will again. Both of them have been with the company so many years it speaks well of their employer. They were also so friendly and fun to chat with. E was so kind, and went through all the things they did which was so much more than I expected! G never stopped moving the entire time….mopped his way right out the door!

— Mrs. J.B.

G did a marvelous job, really good work, he was so careful around my peonies and perennials and everything looks wonderful….so much so that I want him to come back and do the back yard!

— Mrs. G.H.

I want to thank you so much for today’s cleaning. Because Sara was running late (due to the length of time it took to clean her first house) Elva came to help her clean our house. Together they did a fabulous job!! Both Sara and Elva are such thorough cleaners and care about everything that they do. I really appreciate their work…thank you so much.

— C.L.

I just wanted to let you know how totally thrilled I was with P‘s cleaning on Monday…..and I have to let you know that I was thoroughly impressed with her commitment to doing a thorough job and her attention to detail.

— Mrs. E.L.

I LOVE N!! She gets right down to it! She works very hard, is so pleasant and so obliging. I am sure she must be one of your TOP cleaners!

— Mrs. I. W.

Susan has been coming to “straighten out” our home for several years now! FYI: She’s an excellent person who fulfills all of my needs. And I hope you appreciate her as much as I do… an absolute angel. Thanks for sending her to me.

— G.H.

…I can’t believe the before and after pictures! G worked a miracle in this home. I can’t believe he cleaned “THAT”! (it was so bad). G is definitely a keeper within your company…

— Mr. A.M

Lisa was the best we’ve ever had. She was extremely thorough and very pleasant you can send her anytime!

— Mrs. L. Mc.

Thank you for sending V today for my final home cleaning session. I understand that she is relatively new to your company and I wanted you to know that she did an outstanding job. She was professional and yet friendly. She was a very hard worker and, although she stated to me that she asked for additional time because she is still new and therefore slower, I felt that she was very diligent and was taking care of some standard work that has not been performed well or totally neglected over the past several months. From the quality of her performance today, I think she will serve your company well and will be a great asset. If I was remaining with your firm I would be more than happy to have her return to my home.

— Mrs. J. R.

I love having R as my cleaner. She is an excellent and efficient cleaner, always arrives in a cheery mood, has a smile on her face and is very personable.

— Mr. N.

Very pleased with the service. We were old-time clients who moved and no longer used your service. I needed my spring cleaning done and as a result of a recent back injury, I was unable to do the vacuuming and floors. I called for help and "R" did a great job, was efficient and pleasant to work with. Give her my thanks, and my thanks to you!

— Mr. P. M.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how satisfied we are with our cleaner Sarah. She does a fantastic job every two weeks. We have been home teleworking with two children doing virtual school this past year and she adapted her cleaning routine so that the kids’ room could be cleaned before school started in the morning. She is a huge help in keeping our home clean and tidy for our family. We are lucky to have her as our cleaner!

— E.

I'm so glad that I found Windsor on line. On her first visit, Destiny (with some kind assistance from Jerry) did a fantastic job of cleaning our condo. Everything looks and smells good. Also, Destiny is a very pleasant person to have in our home and we look forward to seeing her on a regular basis.

— D.M.

He is amazing. I am going to miss him cleaning for me. I hope I can return to having service soon and have Marc again as my cleaner. Also, all the ladies in the office are very polite and helpful too. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my restrictions.

— Ms. B

Stephanie is amazing! She's so gentle with my possessions, does a fantastic job and we could not be happier with her and Windsor as a whole. From Lisa the sales rep who came to our home, and Lisa in scheduling. I'm so happy I switched companies!

— Ms. B

Noella did an absolutely fabulous job. She was so quiet and worked so fast. she is a lovely girl and I'm so happy with the work she did.

— Mrs. L

Just thought i'd let you know that marc did an excellent job on Thursday. he really got the stove top clean.

— Mrs. K

Just to let you know how pleased I am with the fantastic job Destiny did today at my home. She specifically improved the look of one of our bathrooms floor attacking the ugly grout without merci. I am impressed with her enthusiasm. In future, I wouldn’t mind getting her services again. Thank you so much for Destiny. Your effort is highly appreciated. Wow! My home looks so sparkly again.

— L.R.

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