Jack-o-lanterns, elaborate make-up, glitter, and neighbourhood pranksters! These things make Halloween fun, but they also leave you with a scary mess to clean up once the festivities end. Luckily, by following some simple clean-up tips, and perhaps enlisting the help of Ottawa house cleaning services, you can enjoy the frights of the season rather than be terrified by their mess.  Here are some cleaning projects you are likely to encounter after Halloween, and how you and your professional maid service can deal with them:

Pumpkin Guts

Carving a jack-o-lantern is messy work, and it’s inevitable that pumpkin guts will end up all over your kitchen floor.  To minimize clean-up, a maid will recommend you lay down newspapers before digging into your pumpkins.  For anything the newspapers miss, pick up as much of the insides as you can, then scrub the floors with a mixture of dish soap and water.  And to ensure your floor gets clean, ask your Ottawa house cleaning services to pay particular attention to the carving area on their next scheduled visit.

Make-up Stains

When you discover make-up stains, deal with them immediately.  Blot out as much of the colour as possible from the fabric in question, gently apply liquid detergent to the stains and blot with water until the stain comes away.  If you are dealing with make-up on furniture, leave stain removal to a professional maid.  This is because Ottawa house cleaning services have commercial upholstery cleaners in their arsenal, and are experts in removing stains from carpets and furniture.

Glitter, Glitter Everywhere!

Glitter is an essential accessory for many costumes, but it ends up everywhere.  Even after you have vacuumed up all the glitter you can, it has a tendency to reappear again out of nowhere! A great strategy is to pick up extra glitter with packing tape or a lint roller whenever the glitter pieces show up.  Otherwise, let your Ottawa house cleaning services know about your glitter issues, as a professional maid has the expertise to deal with pesky glitter quickly and effectively.

Toilet Paper, Egg Splatters and Shaving Cream, Oh My!

On Halloween, your home may become the target of neighbourhood pranksters.  And while a bit of toilet paper in your trees may seem harmless, take it down as soon as you notice it, because wet toilet paper left to the elements is very challenging to remove.  If you have been hit with eggs or shaving cream, remove these substances as soon as possible with a garden hose, as they both have a tendency to harden and stain.  If you don’t have time to deal with these types of messes, or you feel uncomfortable climbing a ladder to remove toilet paper from trees, get some help from Ottawa house cleaning services.  Depending on the nature of the mess, they can send a maid or a team of cleaning professionals to undo the damage of Halloween pranksters.