Let’s face it – staying organized can be a challenging task. With the kids going back to school and schedules filling up fast, it seems like there’s no time left for you, let alone to clean up after a busy day of work. With so much on your mind and on your to-do list, a maid service in Ottawa may be just what you need to stay organized and breathe easier.

When people think of getting a maid, their minds often jump to images of wealthy families with butlers, groundskeepers and nannies. In reality, these services are becoming more mainstream and essential to the lives of many modern families.  With fall gym trips and PTA meetings in your horizon, here are some tips for staying organized and how a hiring a maid can help.

Make A List, Or Two

There’s no better way to prioritize and stay organized than making a list. Though it may seem a bit obvious, a lot of the time people try to manage their lives strictly from memory which can result in missed deadlines, dentist appointments and bill payments.  Not only will it make it easier for yourself to get things done, if you make a separate list of house tasks, a maid service in Ottawa can easily cross everything off that list.  Make it a weekly routine and you’ll never have to worry about not having a clean space to come home to at the end of the day.

No More Multitasking

Studies have shown that overworking your brain with multiple things at once isn’t good. Though it may seem like you’re getting tasks done more efficiently, your brain isn’t performing to the best of its abilities. Instead of washing dishes from last-night’s dinner party, folding laundry and helping your kids do their homework all at once, having a maid help you with certain long-term tasks like cleaning can help your brain relax and allow time for the more important things.


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be exclusive to Spring. There’s nothing like a clean and organized space to bring you peace of mind and relaxation throughout the whole year. Whenever the season changes, make a point to do a deep clean. If you don’t have it in you to do it yourself, working with a maid service in Ottawa can kick-start this new routine. Sorting through clothing, files and even the leaning tower of Tupperware in your cupboard can help you stay clutter-free.

All in all, hiring a maid does not have to be a long-term commitment. If you have big or small task to complete only once or twice a year or are looking for that fresh, clean sparkle every week, a maid service in Ottawa can help you live a more organized life with no mess and no stress.