Places in Your bathroom You Should Be Cleaning

You’ve probably scrubbed your bathroom vanity, sink, tub and toilet thinking you completely cleaned your bathroom. However, most people don’t realize there are a few very dirty places that people never clean. The following are a few places you should add to your cleaning list next time you’re cleaning your bathroom:

Light Switch

Wall switches come in contact with dirty fingers daily, but we never seem to think about wiping down the switches down. Using an antibacterial all purpose spray is best to wipe off any dirt and germs that might have collected.

Toothbrush Holder

You might think your toothbrush is completely rinsed off when you’re done brushing, but it’s really not. Toothpaste residue can slide down the handle and settle into the bottom of the toothbrush holder. This can cause mold and mildew to grow in the bottom of the holder. The best way to get rid of this is to rinse the holder with vinegar and let it air dry.

Toilet Paper Holder

The toilet paper is usually replaced when someone is using the toilet, meaning that dirty hands are often touching the holder. It’s best to make sure you wipe it down with antibacterial cleaner when you’re cleaning your bathroom.

Shower Head

Mineral deposits can ruin your shower head and make it not last as long. Cleaning your shower head will get rid of the mineral deposits and make it last longer than it normally would. You can mist your shower head down with vinegar and water to remove any mineral deposits that might have collected.

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