Keeping an environmentally-friendly home can be tough given that commercial cleaning products are often laden with toxic chemicals and other ingredients harmful to nature.  The good news is that eco-friendly cleaning products are easy to make with a few simple ingredients you may already have lying around the house!  Read on to find out how easy it is to make your own house cleaners with the following ingredients:

Baking Soda:  A powerful deodorizer, a gentle cleaner, as well as a mild abrasive, baking soda has been used for centuries for home cleaning in Ottawa.  It is extremely versatile, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, making it a must have in your home cleaning arsenal.  It can be used to clean surfaces when mixed with water, and can also be used to neutralize odours in your fridge, freezer or any room in your house.  If you don’t have time to do your own cleaning, try mixing up a teaspoon of baking soda in a spray bottle full of water, and ask your Ottawa home cleaning company to use it as an all-purpose cleaner on their next scheduled visit.

White Vinegar:  The highly acidic nature of white vinegar makes it effective against mold, bacteria and other germs.  It is also an excellent degreaser and deodorizer.  And best of all, vinegar is completely non-toxic to humans, making it a safe and eco-friendly cleaning agent. One of the easiest ways to incorporate vinegar into your house cleaning is to add equal parts vinegar and water to a spray bottle and use it as a glass cleaner.  This glass cleaner can easily be used by your professional house cleaners in Ottawa the next time they need to clean your windows or glass coffee table.

Lemon Juice:  Similar to vinegar, lemon juice’s acidity makes it a natural and powerful cleanser.  An added benefit is that the fresh scent of a lemon acts as a natural deodorizer.  Lemon juice is especially good for those jobs that your house cleaners in Ottawa typically don’t do, including cleaning your microwave’s interior or deodorizing the inside of your fridge.

Castile Soap:  Castile soap is a soap made of plant oils, and is eco-friendly because it does not contain artificial foaming agents or petrochemicals. It’s also biodegradable, making it safe for our waterways.  The next time your professional house cleaners in Ottawa come for a visit, ask them to use a couple of tablespoons of castile soap in a bucket of water to mop the floors.

Making your own house cleaners is inexpensive, good for the environment, and is  easy when you have the right ingredients on hand.  And if you need to use the services of professional home cleaning in Ottawa, choose a company that is willing to use your homemade products or who already incorporates earth-friendly cleaning products into their regular rotation of cleaners.