Spring Cleaning. The term seems to imply that we should only do a big clean of our homes once a year during the spring season. Traditionally, spring cleaning was so important because homes used to be heated with wood or coal, and so spring offered the first opportunity to clean out the soot and ash that would have built up in a house during the winter months.

With Ottawa winters being what they are, it is still important to do a spring home cleaning in Ottawa to clear out the dirt and salt that is dragged into your home over the winter. And spring is still a great time to put winter clothes and equipment away and get your life and home set up for the spring and summer months. But there are also special cleaning projects that should be done at the beginning of each season, and there are good reasons to spread out other cleaning tasks throughout the year. To convince you that spring cleaning projects should also be done at other times of the year, here are some reasons why spring cleaning and home cleaning in Ottawa is not just for the spring time:

Cleaning too much at once is overwhelming – Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, especially if you try to take on too many projects. And home cleaning in Ottawa is no longer easily done in day to week-long sessions, as modern life means busy professionals and parents don’t have the time or ability to devote themselves to marathon-type cleaning. Breaking spring cleaning down into smaller projects throughout the year is much easier to handle and will lead to a more organized home with the way life is lived in the 21st century.

Some cleaning should be done frequently – If you wait to do your major home cleaning in Ottawa until the spring, there is a risk that you will end up putting off the cleaning that should be done on a regular basis. Spring cleaning is a great time to do major projects like spraying down your deck or washing your curtains, but it is critical to vacuum carpets every week to prevent wear and tear. And some other cleaning projects can be done more frequently to make the job easier overall. Think about it: if you only wash your windows once a year, it’s going to be much tougher to get all the grime off than if you wipe them down once a month!

Other seasons bring their own special cleaning projects – Similar to spring cleaning, you should also schedule summer cleaning, fall cleaning and winter cleaning at the start of each of these seasons. This is because each season brings a slight change in the way you use your home, and so seasonal home cleaning in Ottawa should be planned to prepare for a change in weather. This can include cleaning your air conditioner at the beginning of summer, cleaning and refreshing your heavier bed linens at the start of fall to prepare for cool autumn nights, and wiping down door and window frames so that you can better apply weather stripping to keep the house warm once winter arrives.