Tasks a Handyman Can Help You With

Our handymen are here to help you scratch a few things off your to do list. Windsor Home Cleaning’s Ottawa Handyman crew are qualified to get a variety of jobs done for you.

Here are the top 4 things our Ottawa Handyman services can help you with:

1) Drywall Repair & Painting

Have a hole in the wall that needs filling? A Handyman can quickly repair any drywall holes you have around your home. They can also paint any room or single wall, no matter the colour you have in mind.

2) Sink/Faucet & Toilet Repairs

Is there a really annoying dripping noise coming from your faucet? Or a clogged sink or toilet that you’re sick of? These small plumbing issues can be a pain and Windsor Home Cleaning’s Handymen can easily fix these for you with a simple call.

3) Installations

Need a shelve, lock or blind installed? These might seem like simple installations, but we understand that they big pain to do yourself. Proper installation can make a difference in these situations and our Handymen are here to help you!

4) Assembling

Is there a stubborn piece of IKEA furniture that you just can’t get assembled? Our Handymen are here to help you with these kind of tasks. They can make sure your furniture is assembled well, in order for it to last a lifetime.