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Healthy Home Cleaning Habits

At Windsor Home Cleaning we want to give your home the cleaning it deserves, all while keeping your family safe and healthy. However, we understand that most of our clients … Read more

Tips to keep your home cleaner for longer

At Windsor Home Cleaning we understand that you can’t have us cleaning your house daily. Between home cleaning visits you definitely don’t want your house to fall back into being … Read more

Are you losing money by not hiring a cleaning company?

A lot of people still think hiring a maid service is something that people with a lot of money do. However, we’re here to tell you that’s not always the … Read more

Pre and Post Christmas Cleaning Services

The holiday season is the perfect time for family gatherings and parties. If your home is the place for all these parties, you may start feeling overwhelmed having to prepare … Read more

A Handyman Can Help You Maintain Your Humidifier

With the cold weather rolling in and people turning their heat up in their home, many people might start to notice their homes starting to get very dry. A lot … Read more

Tasks a Handyman Can Help You With

Our handymen are here to help you scratch a few things off your to do list. Windsor Home Cleaning’s Ottawa Handyman crew are qualified to get a variety of jobs done … Read more

4 Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning can take up a big chunk of time and energy – time which people would rather spend doing something more enjoyable. There are a ton of reasons and benefits … Read more

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