There are a lot of misconceptions about home cleaning professionals, or “cleaning ladies.”

These myths are often perpetuated by the big screen: whether it’s in movies, television shows or in the media, cleaning ladies can be portrayed as untrustworthy, last or even have outrageous stereotypes assigned to them.

Because of this, many people are often hesitant to hire a cleaning service, which is unfortunate. Hiring a local Ottawa cleaning service can take a lot of stress off of a homeowner’s shoulders, and many of them are reputable, well-managed businesses who hire legitimate staff.

If you do want to hire a cleaning lady, Ottawa businesses are a good place to start. Any professional home cleaning service that is a registered business should be a safe bet. They’ll employ several trained and professional staff members who could help you with your needs.

If you’re still unsure about hiring an Ottawa cleaning lady, we’ve debunked some common myths about home cleaning professionals.


When it comes to cleaning ladies, Ottawa businesses have got this myth defeated. Many people worry about letting a stranger into their house because they fear their stuff might get stolen or damaged, but it’s not as big of a problem as you might think.

Today’s cleaning professionals are just that: professionals. They treat your home just like they would treat any workplace, and they’ll leave your things alone.

Still not convinced? Rest assured that most Ottawa cleaning companies perform background checks on their employees before hiring them.

Cutting Corners

Another common misconception about hiring a cleaning professional is that you could do the same amount of work yourself in the same amount of time and so it’s not worth your money. Or that they cut corners and only clean the bare minimum. Neither of these statements is true.

The truth about hiring an Ottawa cleaning lady is that they are trained to clean well and quickly. Just like accountants are more efficient at drafting budgets and cooks are better at chopping vegetables, cleaning professionals are trained to clean. They’ll do everything on your cleaning list right the first time, in half the time it would take you, and they’ll scrub your walls, too.


This is the same as the myth about stealing. Some people think that cleaning staff will snoop through their private lives and then gossip to everyone they know, but this is also not true. Again, it comes down to the fact that cleaning companies employ professionals who are not only good at their jobs but who are respectful of their positions. Hiring an Ottawa cleaning lady is no different.

The truth about cleaning professionals is that they’re not the thieving, mischievous people who are portrayed on TV. They’re professionals who make their living helping busy people maintain order in their homes, and you should have no problem trusting them with that.