With the holiday chaos winding down and a New Year approaching, not only are you in need of a fresh start, but so is your home. With slushy boots trotting through the halls and turkey leftovers piled up on dishes, the final holiday gift you need is a good house cleaning. Here are some easy tips on ways you can de-stress and get your home into order after the busy holiday season.

Just how spring cleaning is a good way to de-clutter and get rid of any unnecessary things the winter season brings on a great opportunity to do the same. Not only do you bring out warmer clothing, you may even change up the décor a bit in celebration of the holidays. Take the time to go through winter apparel and decorations to see if there is anything you can donate to a charitable organization or throw away. If you have one too many dessert pans or a patched-up winter coat, make it a seasonal house cleaning tradition to make room for new things and create that much needed extra space.

Another consideration is all the holidays gifts you and your family receive that can replace old or well-used items, such as small appliances, clothing and toys. A nice thing to do after the holidays is sit down with your children and see if there are any toys they are ready to part with that another child would really love. Since they now have all these new toys to play with and they may have grown out of their favourite sweater, they can do a good deed and pass it on to someone in need.

With winter and the holiday season also comes snow days where your kids may be parked at home for an extra day or two. A fun way to get your house cleaning done is to make it a game that the whole family can participate in. Write different tasks on individual pieces of paper and put them into a hat or bowl. Everyone gets to draw a task that they must complete on their own or ask for help from another family member. These tasks may include folding laundry, sweeping the kitchen or putting away toys.

If you’re not up to do a good house cleaning on your own, professional cleaners can not only take care of your post-holiday house work, they can provide handy work and one-time cleaning services to help you start the new year off in a good state of mind.