Cleaning Mistakes That Are Unsafe

image of cleaning supplies

Keeping the home clean is important, it is something we do on a regular basis. We clean our homes to remove any germs and bacteria that may be building up in order to protect our families. However, there are common cleaning mistakes that are actually doing more harm than good. We’ve put together a list of these cleaning errors to help keep you and your family safe and healthy!

1. Forgetting to Clean Out Dryer Lint.
We all know that we should be cleaning out the dryer lint tray after every load of laundry – but how often are you actually doing it? Dryer lint can quickly build up when left for too long and is a major fire hazard. Make a habit of removing it after every use and take it seriously! This simple task can prevent household fires.

2. Making your bed right away.
If you’re the type of person that wakes up and makes their bed right away – good for you for being so motivated first thing the in the morning! However, this could actually be doing more harm than good. When we make our bed, we are trapping bacteria and dust mites in the sheets. This warm environment allows bacteria and germs to multiply. It is important to allow room for your bed to air out once you wake up. Pull the covers right back and allow the sheets to completely dry out before making your bed. Once the bed has cooled, it is less likely the bacteria or dust mites will spread after it’s been made.

3. Mixing Bleach and Ammonia.
Bleach and ammonia are two common cleaning ingredients – but they do not go well together. Mixing the two can actually be quite dangerous. When they are combined, they create a toxic vapor that is bad for our health. Once inhaled, it can cause damage to your airways and throat. Always read labels, instructions and be extremely careful when handling and mixing cleaning products.

4. Not Wearing Gloves.
When giving your home a good clean, your hands will be coming into contact with numerous chemicals, germs, and bacteria. Cover them up! Rubber gloves will provide a protective barrier between your skin and any chemicals or germs you may come into
contact with. The harsh chemicals in cleaning products can be extremely harmful, leaving your hands dry and damaged. Avoid all of this by simply wearing protective rubber gloves. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty!

5. Flushing the Toilet with the Lid open.
Did you know that the flush on a toilet can spray water up to 6 feet in the air? Imagine what else is being sprayed into the air with that! This is why we have added flushing the toilet with the lid open to one of the most common cleaning mistakes. If you’ve just spent the time scrubbing your bathroom, always close the lid before giving the toilet that final flush. Otherwise, you may just be spraying germs back into your freshly disinfected bathroom!

6. Not Ventilating Properly.
When cleaning any room in your house, it is extremely important to always have a window open. The chemicals in cleaning products can produce harmful vapors that can have terrible effects on our health. With prolonged use, or using these products in a small room, our lungs will suffer. Always be careful and keep a window open to protect yourself and your lungs!

At the end of the day take your time and don’t rush when cleaning. You’ll be more apt to do things the right way when you’re not feeling stressed. If the thought of cleaning overwhelmed you we’re here to help. Our one-time or regular cleaning services might be enough to take the stress off your shoulder. Click here to learn more.