Cleaning your home: Tips and Tricks

Everyone loves a clean home, but we don’t always have time to deep clean our home on a daily basis. We put together some cleaning tips and tricks for you to keep your house clean between professional cleanings.

One task at a time

Instead of cleaning each room in your home at a time, try compartmentalizing your home. It might sound simple, but cleaning this way will definitely make a difference. Try doing things like vacuuming all the floors in your house, then mopping and then dusting. If you continue this way, you’ll quickly get all the rooms clean in your home without even thinking about it. You can even create a checklist to make sure you get everything done that you had planned prior to starting.

All purpose cleaner

If you’re short on time and all purpose cleaner will be your best friend. By using one cleaner for a few cleaning tasks around your home you won’t have to carry multiple bottles around as you clean. This way you can get the job done a lot fast and it simplifies the process. There are a ton of all purpose cleaner options on the market and they can be used to clean things around your home like your kitchen countertops, bathroom counters and sink and even your bathtub.

Clean as you go

Placing a clean as you go rule in your house will help prevent accidents and growth of bacteria. Focus on keeping the area clean and tidy at all times while working in certain areas, not just at the end of a day or night. By doing quick and simple cleanups you’ll avoid a lot of cleaning at the end of day. This rule is easy to follow in the kitchen, as you cook try cleaning up used dishes and placing them in the sink or dishwasher so you don’t have a pile of them at the end.

Windsor Home Cleaning can help you clean your home on a one-time or regular basis. Contact us to find out more about our cleaning services!

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