When you think of a handyman, what often first comes to mind is that person you call when the faucet is dripping or there’s an odd job you need done you don’t have time for.  While these are valid reasons to need the service of your local handyman, many offer an impressive range of professional skills and services that can help homeowners easily care for their homes in a budget friendly way.  Here are five objectives homeowners can meet by using handyman services:

Maintenance:  Hiring a handyman to take care of the routine maintenance of your home is both a proactive and cost-effective decision when considering the smooth functioning of your home’s systems, as well as its overall value. The same way regular oil changes ensure the smooth running and long life of your vehicle, arranging regular preventative maintenance of the various components of your home will lower your risk of requiring expensive repairs due to emergency breakdowns.

Improvement: Whether remodelling a bathroom or finishing your basement, a handyman service can provide your project with the necessary variety of expertise to thoroughly and properly complete it. You can turn your home improvement wish-list into reality; a handyman can help build, install, rearrange, and maximize your space in a way that will enhance it and make it beautiful, optimizing it so it works for you. Your home is an extension of your family—and sometimes even a workplace, too. Who doesn’t want a home they genuinely enjoy being in?

Seasonal Upkeep: Living in a northern climate with a range of seasons requires routine seasonal upkeep of our homes.  A handyman can be a valuable resource for addressing those spring or fall to-do list items such as cleaning gutters, weatherproofing your deck, winterizing doors and windows and painting faded trim.  Many may even service your heating and cooling systems, check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and perform landscaping chores and cleanup.   These are just some of the numerous seasonal-related tasks that a handyman service offers to expedite your property’s readiness for the season ahead.

Repairs: Each of the above objectives have repairs inherent in them.  However, it cannot be overstated the importance of doing a job the right way, with the right tools and with the right knowledge of what is required. It is not uncommon  jobs or repairs often involve complications which only appear once you’re underway; this is when having a handyman saves you time, headaches, and a solution for moving forward.

Resale: A handyman service is an invaluable resource when preparing your home to sell. In a competitive market, you can preserve your equity by ensuring that any problems or deficiencies are corrected prior to showing your home to realtors and potential buyers, and ensuring your home passes a home inspection and sells for its full market value.