Summer is a time to be outdoors, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the season. Now that the temperature is dropping though, it’s time to head inside, close the windows and spend more time enjoying the comforts of home. Maybe you’ll cuddle up on the couch with your warmest blanket or play board games with the family in front of the fire – however you plan to spend the colder months, you first have to ask yourself if your home is really hibernation-ready.

Be honest with yourself: after a long summer of being outdoors, did regular house cleaning fall by the wayside? Are your carpets looking a little dingy or the windows a little smudged? If that sounds about right, there’s no need to worry: Ottawa cleaning companies know fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning.

Starting with a truly clean house at the beginning of fall is as equally essential as cleaning up after a long winter. Not only does it prepare you for a relaxing season of staying in, but it is also the healthiest option for your family; keeping the kids cooped up in a house with less-than-sanitary carpets is a perfect scenario for plenty of sick day’s home from school.

Thankfully, Ottawa cleaning companies are prepared to help you take care of your house cleaning duties to get your home as clean as a whistle before the cold weather really hits.

Floors. Your home’s flooring is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria which can really flourish during those cold autumn and winter months. Having your carpets and hardwood professionally cleaned by an Ottawa cleaning company will ensure there’s nothing lurking there –  just in time for your kids to hold wrestling sessions on your living room carpet.

On top of regular house cleaning maintenance like vacuuming your carpets, a professional Ottawa cleaning company will be able to steam and even apply a Scotch guard; just the icing on the cake of truly clean floors.

Windows. While the summer months are all about being outdoors, fall and winter are just as much about staying in and looking out at all the beautiful scenery – and for that you need clean windows.

Many Ottawa cleaning companies offer a window cleaning service which will take care of both the inside and the outside of all your home’s windows, no matter what floor they’re on. And let’s be honest, as far as house cleaning goes, getting on a ladder to scrub second-storey windows is just about the last thing that any homeowner wants to do.

Fireplace. A crackling fireplace is arguably one of the most inviting images the colder winter months have to offer. However, lighting a fire in a dirty fireplace can have disastrous results, and so having it professionally cleaned is paramount to safety.

Some Ottawa cleaning companies offer fireplace cleaning services in addition to their house cleaning services. Do your research to find one near you that can take care of that chore long before the cold weather arrives.