The term “cleaning lady” calls to mind a very vivid stereotype, thanks in large part to Hollywood and their portrayal of household cleaning professionals in movies. In Hollywood, cleaning ladies, and they are almost always women and rarely men, are often one of the following: a sweet, wise old lady who’s living the simple life cleaning houses but has an amazing hidden past; a gorgeous foreign woman who ends up winning the love of her client’s husband; or a scheming, untrustworthy vixen who’s out to steal the fortune of her unsuspecting employers (there’s actually an entire TV series based on this storyline, called Devious Maids.)

While common, this stereotype is incredibly old-fashioned and is not at all the way that today’s cleaning companies or their staff should be thought of. Modern cleaning companies in Ottawa are shattering these stereotypes by providing highly-trained and professional teams (women and men) of individuals who have chosen a career in providing a much-needed service to their clients.
In today’s world, where most families have both parents working full-time and where schedules are so jam-packed with events and meetings, cleaning the house can often fall to the bottom of most people’s priorities list. That’s also why, now more than ever, Ottawa cleaning companies are stepping up to the plate to provide customized services and impeccable results.
Here are just a few of the ways that Ottawa cleaning companies are proving they’ve moved past the traditional “cleaning lady” way of thinking:

1. Professionalism. In the movies, cleaning ladies are often young women with no professional training: they’ve simply gained their skills by looking after their eight younger brothers and sisters. In the real world, though, Ottawa cleaning companies have teams made up of carefully-screened, highly trained professionals who know more than how to operate a vacuum. Not only will they be able to get your kitchen sparkling as if it were brand-new, but they can also get stains out of the grout in your tile floor and clean your dryer’s exhaust piping to get clothes dry in half the time.

2. Efficiency. Gone are the days when a cleaning lady might show up every day to take care of minor chores like dishes and sweeping. Nowadays, modern cleaning services, like those provided by Ottawa cleaning companies, are fast and efficient; coming on a weekly, monthly or semi-monthly basis to take care of jobs that most people just don’t have time for: wiping windows and walls, Scotch-guarding carpets, scrubbing shower stalls and steam-cleaning hardwood floors.

3. Trustworthiness. Contrary to the stereotype of the cleaning lady who steals DVDs or jewellery from her employers, today’s cleaning professionals are just that – professionals – and won’t be tempted to rifle though any of their clients’ personal affects. In addition, many of Ottawa’s cleaning companies are fully insured, meaning you can rest assured your belongings and property are safe on their watch.