Ottawa’s harsh winter is hard for all of us to take, but don’t forget that winter weather also takes a toll on your home. With the beautiful weather of spring and summer upon us, now is the perfect time to repair winter damage and rejuvenate your home with a handyman project. Whether you decide to do it yourself, or hire your local Ottawa handyman services, here is a list of handyman projects that will help you maintain your house after the winter months.

Gutter Maintenance
Gutters tend to collect leaves and other debris over the fall and winter months, so when the weather improves you will need to clean them out. Also check for any loose or leaky areas along the gutters and make repairs as necessary. All of this is important in order to keep water away from your house and prevent water damage. Afraid of heights? An Ottawa handyman service companies offer gutter cleaning and repair. Give one a call and they will help you keep your gutters and downspouts flowing smoothly.

Inspect Siding and Windows
Winter weather can cause a lot of wear and tear on your exterior walls and windows, and over time this may lead to leaks and other damage. Inspect your siding and windows for leaks every year to find small problems and make repairs before major issues develop. Not sure what you are looking for? Call an Ottawa handyman services to help you do an inspection on your siding and windows, and to make any repairs.

Prepare your Yard for Summer Enjoyment
Once the snow melts, fertilize your lawn to ensure it grows back thick and green. Plant your gardens when all risk of frost is gone, and cut back any shrubs or trees that have become overgrown. If you have a deck, now is also the time to wash and re-stain it. And if you are feeling overwhelmed with outdoor maintenance, again, consider hiring an Ottawa handyman service. A trained professional can take care of your outdoor maintenance projects, and will have you enjoying the warm weather in your backyard in no time.

Beautify your Home’s Exterior
If your house is looking especially shabby this spring, it may be time to give your house a new coat of paint. You can also beautify your home’s exterior with smaller projects such as painting your front door a bold new colour, installing new outdoor light fixtures, or adding decorative house numbers. However, if you don’t have the time or skills for beautification projects, remember that there are Ottawa handyman services available to help you make your home look great for the warm weather months.

Whether you decide to tackle these projects on your own, or feel more comfortable hiring a local professional to tackle the work, there are many things you can do to freshen up your house and repair damage after a long, cold winter. And after the hard work and projects are done, you can relax and enjoy the warm weather in your summer-ready home!