Ottawa house cleaning services understand that your home is your haven. Most importantly, some cleaning services understand even more than others how important is it to feel safe when you invite someone inside your home to clean and refresh your space.  Indeed, you might require a cleaning technician to dust or have access to valuable and fragile objects you cherish. What do the best cleaning services in Ottawa know about safety that others don’t?

They Are Fully Insured and Bonded

The best house cleaning services have cleaning technicians who are fully insured and bonded. What does this mean for you, the client?

–          Every home cleaning technician is covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario, so that you are protected in case a technician gets injured while performing their duties in your home.

–          In the event of breakage of an item during the cleaning process, a third-party insurance company is behind the cleaning service in order to prevent you from having to spend any money on repairing the item in question.

–           You can have the peace of mind that an accident involving a technician in your home will not result in a possible request for compensation to you, the client.

How much is your peace of mind worth? With fully insured and bonded home cleaning technicians cleaning what is so precious in your surroundings, you can breathe must easier (and not just because of the awesome fresh and clean smell)!

They Perform Extensive Background Checks

The best Ottawa house cleaning services pay their cleaning technicians well, and thus attract the best employees. Background checks involve not only checking the references of every potential employee, but also conducting a police background check in order to be 100% certain that every employee on their workforce is a responsible and honest citizen as well as an reliable employee.

They Receive The Best Training

Safe home cleaning is often synonym with the most efficient home cleaning! The best house cleaning services take training their skilled workers to heart —for their sake and yours. This involves an in-depth knowledge of specialized cleaning products and their interaction with each other, workplace safety best practices and… even how to get on the “good side” of your household pets!

Your home is your refuge from the outside world. When you invite the world in, you can choose to do so in a safe manner so that your peace of mind, and your beautiful clean home, make a whole that is calm, harmonious … and oh-so-pretty.