We had to face it. With two full time jobs, a set of twins, a puppy (why do they seem like they can be more work than twins?), and my fledgling career as an ‘artist’, we had a growing to-do list and just not enough time. Our house was a mess and falling apart. We never could quite manage to wash the dishes, boil the bottles, make the beds, clean the bathroom or vacuum, and have a few minutes of free time for ourselves. There were things which needed cleaning or fixing that we kept pushing off. Often, we’d settle for superficial cleaning just to get some peace of mind and time to wind down and take a breath. We’d worry about leaks every time it rained and water spewed off one of the broken gutters, but, honestly, neither of us had the heart nor the energy to tackle the problems at hand.

All that changed one day as a good friend of ours stopped by on her way back home from grocery shopping for a quick chat and a coffee. It was 2 p.m., I was still wearing my pyjama bottoms and Ollie had decidedly suspicious brown stains speckled all over the front of his shirt. My hair was a mess and I hadn’t taken a shower in two days. My friend took one look at us, at the house, and, BLESS HER, said nothing.

It spurred me, though, and I decided to hire the help of an Ottawa-based handyman and cleaning service. There are two reasons why we both feel this was worth our money.

One, hooking up with handyman and cleaning service in Ottawa helped free-up our time. We were better rested and felt on top of things. I managed to find the time to immerse myself in my art a few times a week. We both played with our girls and Ollie taught our puppy, Nanook, some new tricks. In return, he has given up chewing on our cushions.

Two, booking weekly time with a handyman and cleaning service in Ottawa has actually allowed us to save money. That’s right. We were better rested. Ollie booked some new clients at work and I was much more productive with my art. I sold a few pieces I was quite proud of which generated a fair bit of extra income. Also, making repairs quickly almost always costs less than waiting until they become bigger problems. For example, untreated wood rots, leaking faucets raise your water bill, un-caulked doors and windows waste energy, etc. Our handyman fixed our gutters in no time and also initiated a few other home improvement projects we can be proud of.

If you’re like us, you enjoy your home more when it is in tip-top shape. So what are you waiting for? Stop feeling guilty. Employ the help of a handyman and cleaning service in Ottawa and invest in yourself and your home today.