Winter is finally over, and with the sunny days now upon us, it’s time for drinks on the patio, long bike rides, and to soak up some sun at Mooney’s Bay—you just might want to avoid the water!  With all of these fun activities beckoning to you at the arrival of the warm weather, it can be easy to procrastinate on your spring cleaning.  Of course you don’t want to be indoors cleaning when there are so many other great things you could be doing outdoors, however, it’s important to get it done in order to clean out the dirt and dust that has accumulated in your home over the winter, and to clean those areas that usually get neglected the rest of the year.

The good news is that spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore.  There are some strategies you can use to make spring cleaning easy and fun so that you can spend less time indoors cleaning, and more time outside enjoying the summer sunshine.

Create a List – Make a list of all of the cleaning projects you need to tackle this spring.  Once you have a list, spring cleaning won’t seem so overwhelming. The list will help you keep track of what has already been done, and give you a sense of satisfaction as you cross things off.  It can help you to delegate jobs to other members of your family, which will make spring cleaning a more fun and social event.  The list can also help you to pinpoint the spring cleaning tasks that can quickly be completed by your regular maid service provider on a routine visit.

Take Breaks and Reward Yourself – Don’t try to complete all of your spring cleaning tasks in one marathon cleaning session.  You will be less overwhelmed by spring cleaning if you take on one cleaning project at a time and spread the to-do-list out over a few days.  And to make cleaning fun and more rewarding, once you complete a task you should treat yourself—it can be something as small as enjoying a cold beverage, an episode of your favorite TV show, or something more indulgent like treating yourself to that new pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing.

Listen to Music – Music makes everything more fun, especially if you pick upbeat and quick tempo tunes.  With the right playlist, you can sing and dance and do your spring cleaning, all at the same time.

Look into One-Time Cleaning Services – If you just don’t have the time or motivation for spring cleaning, there are many professional maid services who offer one-time cleaning services or special spring cleaning packages.  Do your research and you will be able to find a local maid service provider who will make spring cleaning so quick and easy that you can be out enjoying the weather while your house is getting a professional cleaning.  In a typical one-time cleaning session, your maid service will send their cleaning technicians to your home to do your spring cleaning for you all in one day.  The cleaning service will also provide all supplies and equipment needed to spring clean your home, making this option the most worry-free way to get your spring cleaning done.