Whether it’s taking down the screens and replacing the storm windows, or putting away your light blanket and taking out the duvet, there is a hint of a fresh start in the cool nights and crisp air that signal the coming fall.

Summer is a great time for relaxed routines. Late summer nights, sand tracked in from the beach, wet dogs on the couch, who cares? Although we usually think of spring for tackling big cleaning jobs, Ottawa cleaning services report  fall is a busier time of year for getting the house in order for the coming winter. Many people entertain during the holiday season and want their homes to look their best, but find December too busy for taking on big house cleaning jobs. Ottawa cleaning services recommend you take care of house cleaning in the fall so you are ready for the indoor living and entertaining the colder weather brings.

Think of a summer’s worth of dirt, pollen, and dust trapped in your house once the windows are closed. Colder weather also means small animals, like mice, will be looking to make their winter homes. Snacks left over from movie nights in the basement or even dishes of pet food in a quiet area of the house can attract mice. They can do a lot of damage and generate lots of potentially-dangerous droppings before you even know they are there. Fall house cleaning can help you spot those trouble spots and deal with them before they are big problems.

Ottawa cleaning services suggests that you schedule a thorough fall house cleaning. Your house cleaning to-do list should include freshening all your upholstery, carpets and curtains, and clearing any clutter where animals could hide. It’s also a good idea to check your dryer ventilation for bird’s nests and debris, and ensure that the ventilation cap is tightly sealed. Animals nesting in your vent can cause dangerous dryer fires.

The fall is also an ideal time of year to clean your windows to let in as much winter light as possible. If you wait until it’s too cold, you’ll have to mix windshield fluid in with the wash to make sure the glass cleaner doesn’t freeze, and who wants to stand in a snow drift? Better to give your windows a fall clean-up (a squirt of dish soap and warm water in a bucket with a squeegee does the trick nicely, especially one with a telescopic handle). While you’re at it, inspect the frames for any damage or cracks that need to be caulked before the cold weather comes.

Ottawa cleaning services have one more fall house cleaning tip: change the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise to create an updraft and help your furnace circulate warm air.

By tweaking a little of your spring cleaning routine for fall, you’ll enjoy a sparkling, holiday-ready home.