There is that famous scene from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” when Clark Griswold struggles to put up thousands of Christmas lights, ends up re-routing the power through his garage and causes a disastrous power outage. And let’s not forget the scene where he gets stuck in the attic trying to hide presents and falls through the ceiling. Many scenes in the movie might make you think, “Maybe he should have hired a handyman.”

There are dangers with trying to do everything yourself, especially at this time of year, which is all the more reason to hire handyman services. According to the Electrical Safety Foundation, more than 5,000 people visit the emergency room from holiday decorating falls each year. Not to mention there are hundreds of house fires caused by Christmas trees, decorative lights and electrical problems. You don’t want to re-create a Christmas Vacation disaster in your own home, so why not leave the tough jobs for a handyman?

Handyman services can help you get your home in check before the New Year. A handyman can help with seasonal jobs, such as gutter repair, roof cleaning, insulation checking and things to get the house ready for guests, such as toilet repairs, painting and flooring. When it comes to handyman services in December, keep your holiday wish list small. Any handyman will tell you that starting a big job like a kitchen or bathroom renovation before the holidays might not be good timing—if you plan to cook or have guests—however, making sure your house is safe is always important. A handyman is specialized in electrical services and can inspect your electrical set up to make sure everything works correctly so everyone in the house doesn’t overload the outlets.

Some handyman services will even help decorate. Instead of untangling lights, going up on a ladder and checking each bulb, a handyman can do the hard work for you—or maybe there isn’t enough time in your schedule to get it all done. Simply give them a vision of what you want your exterior and interior decorations to look like and they will do the rest. You never know: your holiday display might be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Everyone seems a little bit busier in the lead up to Christmas, even handyman services. It may be even harder to get a handyman to come out during the holiday rush, so save up a few tasks for one visit in order to entice them. Try and be as flexible as you can with handyman services, so they can work the visit into the company’s schedule. Also, have a clear vision for the project before they get there, so neither of you wastes any time. The quicker all of the odd jobs are done, the quicker you can get back to relaxing.