8 Tips To Get Your Home Ready for the Holiday Season

santa mug on pile of books

The holidays are a busy time. With all of the hustle and bustle, who has time to deep clean the house? We’re here to say – don’t stress! We’ve created a list of eight easy tips for getting your home ready for the holidays!

1. Create a Cleaning Plan

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be looking around your home at everything that must be done before your guests arrive or your celebrations begin. It may seem overwhelming, but don’t stress! Everything will get done and your home will be tidy and welcoming before the party starts! The best way to ensure that nothing is left to the last minute is to create a cleaning plan. Schedule in certain tasks for each day leading up to the holidays. Start with tasks that can be completed well in advance – such as decluttering the closets or living spaces – and work your way up to washing all the floors the days leading up to your guests arriving. Sticking to a plan will give you peace of mind, and lots of time to make sure your home shines for the holidays!

2. Spruce up the Main Spaces

Generally, when family and friends gather for the holidays they tend to flock to common areas, such as the kitchen and living rooms. Put your focus on these main spaces. Don’t worry about getting every nook of your home – chances are, your guests won’t notice how tidy your garage is! Spruce up your living rooms by decluttering some unnecessary items. Grab a laundry basket, circle the room and fill it with anything taking up extra space. You can easily hide the basket in a closet until the guests leave!

3. Clean your Entryway

Create a great first impression on your guests by sprucing up your entryway. Make sure to have a freshly swept/cleared front walkway and porch to provide easy access to your home. Take the time to clear out some closet space in your entryway for your guests to hang their coats, bags and store their shoes. You may need to remove some of your own belongings to make room. Simply store those out of the way in a bedroom closet. To make your home even more inviting – hang a wreath or other holiday decor over your front door!

4. Look at your home with a visitors eye

This will help you dearly when creating your cleaning plan. Start by walking through your home like a visiting guest. Make note of any imperfections that you may normally overlook, but guests may notice. This could be houseplants with dead leaves, or dust collecting on home accents.

5. Clean your Fridge and Oven

If you plan on cooking the holiday meal, or you’re entertaining a house full of guests, its best to start by giving your fridge and oven a deep clean. Cleanse your fridge of any unwanted or outdated items to make room for all the party foods and leftovers you’re bound to have. This is also beneficial if you plan on hitting the road during the holidays. You don’t want to return to a fridge of spoiled milk and rotting food!

6. Prepare for Houseguests

Make your guests feel right at home! It doesn’t take long for our guest rooms to turn into storage rooms. Take the time to tidy up your guest rooms and remove your personal items. Ensure your guests feel welcome by freshening up the bedroom and guest bathroom. Make sure they have clean bedding, pillows, towels and any necessary toiletries. Its a good idea to clear some room in the closets so your guests have room to unpack their belongings if they’re staying for a few days.

7. Prepare an Emergency Cleaning Kit

Accidents happen. Make sure to have a basket of cleaning supplies within reach so you can clean up messes and spills as they happen. These quick cleanup solutions can spare your guest’s embarrassment and keep the party rolling. Taking a few minutes to do a quick clean will also reduce how often you need to do a thorough clean. This is a great way to keep your home clean throughout the entire holiday season.

8. Decorate with Seasonal Touches

Christmas decorations spend most of their lives hidden away in attics and basements until the holiday season arrives. Put aside some time to give your decorations a quick clean before hanging them around your home. You’ve spent so much time making your home spotless for the holidays – your decorations should be too!